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Bella Dea e-magazine under construction.

The Venue e-magazine  under construction

Under Construction

Trade Venue Ltd are developing and publishing a series of three free interactive e-magazines / platforms for citizens of the world to access and enjoy. The first to be developed and published will be called Bella Dea (Italian for beautiful goddess). The team at Bella Dea will focus each month on articles about style, beauty and wellbeing. We also research and "web link" instore seasonal fashions we think our readers will like. Included to this we insert helpful and informative vlogs from You Tube to give them further inspiration and ideas not only on fashion but also about our chosen magazine topics of the month. Bella Dea will also be inviting up and coming fashion designers around the world, to use us as a free platform, to show case and cat walk their latest inspirational designs for the delight of our truly global audience.

Trade Venue Ltd has also set up these global publications to accommodate companies who wish to purchase advertising space in Bella Dea and The Venue to reach our projected global audience. Bella Dea should be averaging 30,000 page views a month and have viewers worldwide. The Venue is expected to exceed 100,000 views a month and also have a global audience. 

To purchase advertising space on either of these new and exciting platforms please click on the advertising link above in the main menu . The purchasing process is fully automated, quick and very easy.

Trade Venue Ltd will be adding one further platform to our library at a future date, as its development and construction is still on going. We will be proud to announce the launch, as and when the teams constructing it, give us the final launch code.